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Interior Designer Guts and Renovates

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Interior Designer Guts and Renovates Chelsea Co-op

2016 is the year for new high-rise condominiums and luxury apartments. It’s also a big time for interior designers. Below, see how interior designer, Tamara Eaton, recently revamped her small Chelsea co-op:

Interior Designer Guts and Renovates

(Photo Courtesy of NY Curbed)

Eaton tells NY Curbed that the apartment was a complete gut. And although it had lovely bones, the 1931 Art Deco co-op needed to be started from scratch – everything except for the floors. She says, “There’s something about old floors that just feels so beautiful.” After a long couple of months, the transformation was complete and all that was old is now new – the kitchen appliances, the white beam ceiling, the light fixtures, the furniture.

Although the transformation looks luxurious now, the project initially came with its challenges. For instance, Easton had to get the proper approvals to make the renovation happen and to get the right amount of workers in there. But perhaps the most difficult part was the kitchen renovation. The kitchen had “a narrow one-wall layout” when the apartment was purchased. Due to building restrictions on building wet-over-dry, adding plumbing over a room that wouldn’t have any was tough. Once the challenges were overcome and the final touches were put in place, the reno was an extremely successful project and took lots of devotion.

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