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Manhattan’s Classic Skyscrapers

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Manhattan’s Classic Skyscrapers

Skyscrapers all start with an architect’s dream, but it takes a lot to become a reality. New York City is famous for its towering shadows and decorative exteriors. Below are a few of the classics every New Yorker and tourist must check out:

Manhattan's Classic Skyscrapers


Empire State Building – This iconic skyscraper is classic for its nighttime lights, which represent holidays, observances, and remembrances. This 1,250 foot tall tower took 45 days to build and more than seven million man-hours. You can visit observatories on both the 86th and 102nd floors until 2am. The last elevator up is at 1:15am.

Chrysler Building – You can’t miss the other iconic art deco building at Lexington and 42nd! Just before the Empire State Building was topped off, the Chrysler was named the tallest building in the world. Many enjoy the Cloud Club, a private dining club on the 66th floor. You can also catch breathtaking views of the skyline from the 71st floor (free admission).


Flatiron Building – Between Fifth Avenue and Broadway on the corner of 23rd Street stands the old-fashioned iron masterpiece. Built in 1902, Flatiron is New York City’s oldest skyscraper and is known for its angular shape.

One World Trade Center – This bold addition to the Manhattan skyline represents more than just a magnificent skyscraper – it also represents patriotism. The new building features glass panels and 2,226 steps. The 104-floor tower climb benefits the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation, which was established to honor the NYC firefighter who passed during the September 11th attacks.

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