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New, Brilliant NYC Luxury Apartment Design

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New Brilliant NYC Luxury Apartment Design

Manhattan’s architecture is becoming more magnificent than ever before. From spiraling high rises to high class finishes, New York City is beginning to redefine what a smart design looks like. And when you visit the new luxury apartment building on West 28th Street, you won’t believe your eyes! Here are some brilliant design ideas this new building will offer:

New, Brilliant NYC Luxury Apartment Design

(source: Business Insider http://bit.ly/1N0Vnw2)

Interlocking Floors

Zaha Hadid’s first high-rise apartment building in the city will feature high-class amenities and 21 floors that interlock, similar to a jigsaw puzzle. What this will achieve is maximized space for a city whose population is bursting at the seams.

Pumped in Filtered Air

We’re talking about ultimate filtered air. The way this pumped in air filtration system will work is that the oxygen will be filtered four times before it’s pumped into every apartment unit. In a city with incredibly high air pollution, this filtration system will reduce the negative impact of air particles in the body.

Four Elevators Running In Two Shafts

Not many NYC apartments offer elevator access, but Hadid’s new apartment building will feature four elevators. These elevators will run next to each other in two elevator shafts for easy access to each unit.

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