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New York Plans to Green Its Buildings

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April is that time of year when everyone becomes a bit more environmentally conscious. Between the budding trees and Earth Day, we can’t help but think about energy efficient changes coming to New York City. In fact, Mayor Bill de Blasio is committed to cutting 80 percent of carbon emissions by the year 2050. The effort to make our city more eco-friendly starts with buildings, which account for 70 percent of greenhouse gas emissions.

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To achieve this goal, new projects will be focused on implementing stricter energy-efficient standards for both new and old structures. “Cities that lead on climate, lead on buildings,” said de Blasio. “We’ve set bold goals as we take on climate change and a clear path to meet them. The City has been leading the way by greening our own public facilities. Now, these new initiatives will dramatically reduce emissions from New York City’s over one million buildings, while saving New Yorkers millions and creating thousands of new jobs – and we’ll be providing owners support throughout the process.”

Current goals include buildings requirements to complete “cost-effective energy conversion measures” and alterations to historic buildings that would ultimately encourage eco-friendly improvements. In addition, building owners and architects are working together to become “environmental frontiers”, engaging tenants to make healthy choices in their living spaces. This plan includes natural designs through plants and nature. And as much as it’s about saving the environment, it’s also about wellness for residents.

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