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NYC Developers Building on Top of Buildings

By February 23, 2016Uncategorized

Lately, NYC developments have been the topic of discussion. There seems to be an endless plan to create new condominiums and apartment buildings. But how far can these plans go before space runs out? Industry experts are coming up with innovative ways to create more space for Manhattan residents, and the answer seems to be putting buildings on top of buildings.

Developers Building

Let’s take a look at Investor, Jeff Greene’s project: 100 Vandam St. in Hudson Square. This housing development stands out not only because of its glass design, but more because of its “piggyback” development technique.  Greene is not the only investor to adopt this idea. In fact, many developers are getting creative by placing residential buildings on top of other properties to make the most of the living space in New York City.

Not only does this technique benefit the minimal city space, but it also speeds up the construction process and increases property value. And of course, from a buyer’s perspective, they get better views of the city.

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