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NYC Special Inspection Services

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AM & Associates provides a full range of special inspection services including mechanical, structural, fire, and life safety to name a few. For a full list of inspections provided, please see the following:

Photoluminescent Exit Path Markings
Structural Steel- Welding, Erection and Bolding
Structural Cold- Formed Steel
Concrete- Cast-in-place, Precast, Pre-stressed
Soils- Site Preparation, Fill Placement and in-Place Density, investigations (Borings/ Test Pits)
Wall Panels, Curtain Walls and Veneers
Sprayed Fire-Resistant Materials
Exterior Insulation Finish Systems (EIFS)
Alternative Materials- OTCR Buildings Bulletin
Smoke Control Systems
Mechanical Systems
Fuel-Oil Storage and Fuel-Oil piping Systems
High-Pressure Steam Piping (Welding)
Fuel-Gas Piping (Welding)
Structural Safety/ Stability
Site Storm drainage Disposal and Detention System Installation
Sprinkler Systems
Standpipe Systems
Heating Systems
Firestop, Draftstop and Fireblock Systems
Aluminum Welding
Seismic Isolation Systems
Concrete Test Cylinders
Frame Inspection
Energy Code Compliance Inspections
Fire-Resistance Rate Construction
Public Assemble Emergency Lighting

Located atop the iconic Grand Central Station in midtown Manhattan, AM & Associates is proud to deliver quick service to our clients and expeditors. Our staff of highly trained inspectors work to accommodate our clients schedules and diligently process and return the constant flow of forms required for each NYC building project.

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