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New Year, New Developments in NYC

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Not only is New York known as the city that never sleeps, but it is also vastly recognized for its ever-expanding infrastructure. This was an exciting year for new renovations and expansions, but just wait until you see what 2016 will bring. Below are a few NYC developments underway that…

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Architectural Special Inspections

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Special inspections have been a part of the New York City Building Code for several years to ensure the safety of a construction process. Without codes set in place, even the most magnificent building can be the most hazardous. So as part of every project in NYC, specific testing must…

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Historic Building in Soho Goes Residential

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10 Green Street in Soho will go residential in the upcoming year. This century-old commercial building will be revamped to restore “the neighborhood’s past”, but it will have a modern twist with classic finishes. The 1869 architectural landmark will be transformed to a high-class residential suite, including repairs to the…

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Smoke Alarm Inspections Can Save Lives

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Did you know that fires are a leading cause of injury and property loss in the U.S.? That being said, it’s no surprise that smoke alarms are essential to homes, schools, and office building. And getting them inspected is even more crucial. Here is why: Before smoke alarm inspections were…

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Importance of Lowest Floor Elevation

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Like residential homes, all commercial buildings need regulations too. One of the more pressing regulations involves elevating the lowest floor, and we’ll tell you why. Remember all the detrimental flooding from Superstorm Sandy? Well, it’s all a matter of safety purposes. Here’s what we mean:   Standard Regulations There are…

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What is a Mechanical Inspection?

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At AM & Associates, we offer a wide variety of special inspection services to ensure that our clients receive the professional service they need and that building code requirements are met. One of the many inspection services we offer is mechanical inspection. Here’s what you need to know about Mechanical…

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