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What If NYC’s Iconic MetLife Building Became a Vertical Farm?

By April 27, 2016Uncategorized

Lately, we’ve been discussing how New York City plans to jump on the green bandwagon. From eco-friendly materials to increased plant life, the city has big ideas when it comes to creating a more energy-efficient atmosphere. And the plans don’t stop there!

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What would happen if the city’s iconic MetLife building turned into a vertical farm? Recently, Canadian architecture firm, Lemay, submitted a unique proposal that sparked the interest of many environmentalists. The design depicted that the iconic tower would become “the world’s tallest farm”. Here’s what they predict would happen:

New Urban Utopia – High above the city, would be a “vertical modernist urban utopia”, with a glass exterior filled with an abundance of plant life.

Reduced Carbon Emissions – The plan isn’t too far off room from reality. In our latest blog entry, we mentioned that Mayor Bill de Blasio plans to reduce carbon emissions in the years to come. A vertical farm would do just that – reduce the city’s carbon footprint and become a representation of Manhattan’s overall “eco-mission”.

Increased Physical Activity – The interior layout of this design encourages more physical activity. This means no dependence on elevators as well as replacing car traffic with more pedestrian pathways. The end result? To encourage a more healthy lifestyle.

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