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What NYC’s Famous Buildings Would Look Like In the Middle of Nowhere

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The streets of New York City are one shadow after another, reflecting the height of architects’ work for hundreds of years. Manhattan in itself represents some of the world’s most magnificent structures. But happens when they’re taken out of their original element and placed in the middle of nowhere? Creative Director, trained architect, and photographer, Anton Repponen, shows us:

NYC Buildings Nowhere Pics

(Photo courtesy of Business Insider)


Some of the locations Repponen used in his renderings are in Hawaii, Costa Rica, and Peru (just to name a few). These landscapes portray desolated locations either in a desert or mountainous region. To make these images realistic, he needed to consider what time the sun would rise and to which side the building faces (east or west). This gives us a closer idea of the lighting that reflects off of such futuristic-like skyscrapers.


After creating digital images of the Chrysler Building, the Guggenheim Museum, the Metropolitan Opera, and the IAC Building, one observation that Repponen makes is that New York skyscrapers are beautiful, “but not ‘classic’ beautiful like Rome, for example.” Such glass facades look quite different than monuments such as the Leaning Tower of Pisa, made of marble and stone.


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